Jury and Bench Trials


Jury and Bench Trials

There are many law firms and attorneys that tout themselves as strong business litigators. But very few can say that they are real trial lawyers. For more than 20 years, Steve Crane Jr. has honed his trial skills. He is a trial lawyer who takes complex business cases to trial.

Steve looks at business litigation differently. From the beginning to the end of a case, we think about how to develop evidence and themes that will resonate with the jury, judge, or arbitrators who will ultimately decide the winner. He doesn’t waste time or client money on discovery issues that don’t make a difference in the end. He focuses on high impact legal actions. When the case is ready for trial, he is eager to begin. And for the cases that don’t ultimately go to trial, his experience and preparedness give his clients an edge at the settlement table.

One of Steve’s specialties is taking cases at the mid-way point or on the eve of trial when a company realizes that it needs a sophisticated trial lawyer to present the case. He then will work together with the company, and often their existing litigators, to marshal the key evidence and create a hard-hitting trial package.

Steve has specialized knowledge and experience in jury and bench trials. He has helped parties from both sides — fiduciaries and beneficiaries — find solutions to problems in an expeditious manner. His knowledge and experience can be your greatest asset when faced with the complex and daunting prospect of estate litigation.

Steve has successfully prosecuted and defended against legal actions and has achieved client objectives through arbitrations and negotiated conclusions.

As an experienced lawyer, Steve Crane can gauge when it makes sense to go to court. He knows that a letter or phone call — with proper wording and timing — can be more effective or cost-efficient than suing for damages or injunctive relief. For those cases that must be presented to a judge or jury, he is eminently qualified to assert your interests.

If your issue concerns a jury or bench trial, you should contact Steve. He and his team can assess the facts of your case and help you determine your best approach moving forward.

To schedule a discrete and confidential consultation about your matter, email or call Steve at (248) 963-6300.