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over 40 million Lawsuits

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As a business owner its not a question of if you’ll be sued, but when.


Having the proper legal structure and team in place to protect your business is crucial to a company’s ability to grow. The best lawyers in the world can’t defend your business if its improperly structured. Both a solid structure and an experience legal team are necessary for you as the business owner to move forward with confidence knowing you’re protected against potential legal pitfalls.

Let us put your worries and anxiety at ease with a sound legal plan for your business.

Make Sure Your Business is protected on all fronts:

Business Structuring

Litigation Services

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Ford Motor Company


Local Restaurant Chain


Budget Rent-A-Car

Clients, Attorneys and Judges describe Steve Crane as caring, compassionate, brilliant, relentless, extraordinarily thorough and highly effective. He is one of our best trial lawyers – highly experienced and successful – for more than 25 years – the trial attorney who wins for you.
Rated 5 out of 5

Steve Crane is the best of the best – period. You should never hire another trial attorney unless and until you at least contact Steve. he’s the trial lawyer that other trial lawyers go to for mentoring tough cases. Add all of his hard work on top of that, and you’ve got yourself a proven winner. He’s not cheap, but that’s for a good reason. Only if there’s no possible way you could not afford Steve should you ever even think about hiring someone else when your business’ future, your well-being, and good name are at stake

Brian Prain, Attorney
Rated 5 out of 5

Steve Crane es valiente, intransigente, decidido y totalment comprometido con sus clientes.

Miguel B.
Rated 5 out of 5

Our case concerned some local municipalities. They walked in with their Ivory Tower lawyers. They thought they could intimidate. They thought they could spin the facts. Yes, they thought up a lot. In the end, they lost badly. Stephen just has a manner that is respectful yet they did not realize Steve is stealth ivory tower and so much more. He realizes he is representing people not just numbers.

Amanda H.

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